About me

To draw is my passion since I was a child. At the age of 18 I left my hometown, Sax (Alicante) Spain, to study Advertising in Madrid .. I wanted to be in the Graphic World.
In those first years I found Rock and Roll in Malasaña and its aesthetics caught my eye. I started to paint psychedelic posters with fictional concerts and I went to look for work to the rock music environments of the late 80's

One of my first works was for the "Louie Louie" Bar on La Palma 43 in Madrid.
I made the logo, the interior murals, posters and flyers for many events.
They were a wonderful years!

After completing my studies I worked for many years in the advertising world as a freelance illustrator for agencies such as Contrapunto, Tapsa, Ogilvy, CP Comunicación, Solucion, ARS Network ... I made illustrations for clients such as Telefónica, JB, Cepsa, Movistar, Fedex, Heineken, Foster Hollywood, etc.

I also did works for the publishers Edaf and Unidad Editorial (Journal "El Mundo").

I like to work with different styles and techniques. I handle Illustrator, Photoshop, pencils, brushes, waxes, pens and lately I also use mache paper to make Catrinas.
You could say that I am versatile!

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do!

By the way, my favorite artists are:

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